Woohoo! A new Ping Plotter. :-)

A few observations/comments/requests/bugs:

- Nothing in Address box problem:
1). Open PP, leave the address box blank.
2). Click "Trace".
3). Error box appears: "Host name or IP Address required".
4). "Trace" button changes to "Resume". Probably not right.
5). Click "OK" in error box.
6). Click "Resume".
7). Same error box appears as in #3.
8). "Resume" button changes to "Stop". Also probably not right. <img src="/forums/images/icons/wink.gif" alt="" />

- PP parses a URL in the address bar properly, but it enters a blank entry into the history list. As a result, the ini file has no Item0 (but all of the other items are intact).

- When adding a timeline graph for a hop, the new graph briefly contains the data from the graph just underneath it. It quickly updates to show the correct data for that hop.

- I feel that PP should set the default "Packet Type" to "ICMP.DLL (Windows2000/NT only)" on those versions of Windows. Here, it defaulted to "Windows ICMP.dll" and 10ms accuracy on Windows 2000.

- With more than 1 timeline graph, only the graph you've actually selected with the mouse scrolls smoothly. The others jump to the same point as that graph when you stop moving the mouse. Done for performance reasons?

- The dashed line that appears when resizing a column seems to leave artifacts of itself when resizing a column while actively tracing. Holding down the edge of a column without moving the mouse causes the dashed line to disappear as the data in the hops rows gets updated. These problems do not occur when not actively tracing.

- The tray icon now requires a double-click to restore the PP window. I liked the single click. :-)

- I do not know if this is related to this beta or not, it may not be. In the [History] section of my ini file, the Count value was about 30 less than the number of actual items. PP only displayed the items up to the Count value. I manually changed the Count value to reflect the true count. PP then displayed all of the items

- The same route change mask can be added to the list more than once.

- Would "Remove route change mask" be a possible option when right clicking a hop that has a route change mask?

- Could there be some kind of visual cue when a route change mask is being applied to a hop? A gentle background color change in the IP and DNSName columns for that hop perhaps?

- Could there be something similar when PP automatically detects a constantly changing hop, letting you know that you can right click and select "Add route change mask"?

- Would you be able to add the ability to tell PP to add route change masks automatically when constantly changing hops are detected?

- Would it be possible to allow the history list to be scrollable while a trace is active?

That's all for now. <img src="/forums/images/icons/grin.gif" alt="" />