Hi Ed.<br><br>Can you elaborate in more detail on your concerns on phoning home? I do understand that some are worried about their privacy on this - and I tried very, very hard to minimize the imact in a) usability, b) privacy, c) inconvenience. I feel like a good balance has been reached - in that all 3 of these issues have been maximized in all ways I could do so while still adding some security from key generation. I do want to hear everyone's concerns on this, though, so I can make sure I've thought of everything - and also to help reduce your concerns about what Ping Plotter does.<br><br>I've had a couple of other requests for including the packet size on the output (and main screen). One difficulty is that setup parameters (like packet size) aren't stored in the sample data that is saved. Packet size is one of these parameters that makes a major contribution to both latency and possibly packet loss, so just shoving out the current packet size onto the display isn't a reliable solution. This means a change to the file format to include a packet size so that the packet size of each sent sample is included so it is displayed correctly. In addition, it gets tricky if someone changes the packet size multiple times during a session - in that any one graph may include multiple packets size changes - and how these are displayed could have a major input on the look of the graph. I'd like to see a feature like this make it in, but the complications have stopped me from doing it to date.<br><br>Thanks for the feedback!<br><br>