I'll just make this simple by linking a nice big <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/newbie61/pics/cdm-110-85.bent.tcac.net.png" target="_new">screenshot</A> of Ping Plotter as well a zip of the <A HREF="http://members.nbci.com/danewbie/1/cdm-110-85.bent.tcac.net.zip" target="_new">data file</A> (964KB), so that you can look at it however you want (I spent some time viewing one sample at a time (and noticed that the even/odd hops don't all ping high at quite the same time) - as the line graph does a pretty nice job of showing what's going on here). <br><br>If you have any idea of what might have been going on here, I'd sure like to hear it (as I'm dumbfounded about what could cause this); to me, it seems like it may have been something funny with PacBell, as the ping was spiking (by a whole 35ms or so ) on every even hop each 15 minutes (the odd number hops were the same... minus one occurrence, and offset by 7 minutes...) for 2 hours total.<br><br>[I have Ping Plotter 2.21 beta 3 running on a Win2K machine (used for solitaire and some browsing), which is a client to another Win2K machine (brother's - and we don't believe that he was doing anything which might cause this) sharing the DSL via ICS. The interval is set to 4 seconds, with a 250ms delay between hops, and a 16 byte packet size.]<br><br>