A bit late if you see how quick you replied Pete but I found me some answers.<br>First of all I didn`t saved a log for you to show due to my inexperience. Second it turned out that I was pinging my server wrong. Let me explain.<br>I live in the netherlands and I first have to log on to the Dutch telecom who presents me a site where I can log on to my ISP. I had to ping that log on site instead of the normal ISP site. Stupid and there ok with an average of 14-30.<br>My second problem had to do with the scrambeling of the Dutch telecom server in order so let it look like I have an dynamic IP. They sell static IP too you see. In winpfcg.exe I allways have the same IP and I can ping others. If I give <br>them mine they can ping me at all?! Still I am on for sure.<br>Even with the tracert command they can`t. Am I doing something wrong again? Plz tell me If I do. I solved my problem by using the behind a firewall option from the game ( Rogue Spear ) and was fine then. I will test it today further. Sure hope I am right about it.<br><br>Thx for your reply Pete. Really appriciate it very much!<br><br>Angel_TCC<br><br><br>