Hi Pete.<br><br>Saw your program and d/l it. It was recommended at http://www.dslreports.com/tweak . I just have Adsl and found out that you need to tweak it in order to let it work right. The reason I d/l your program was of my problems playing Rogue Spear as a server. I can`t host more then 3 peeps without being knocked of the net! With my old isdn that was no problem at all. After tracing my ISP for a while a saw lots of packages lost by one of its servers in the route being traced ( there were 5 servers in the traced route ).<br>Can you tell me what is an acceptable loss for this kinda measurement? Is 30% and more bad or very bad? I had set it at an 1 sec interval. Can it be that this is the reason why I am getting knocked of the net when more then two peeps log into my game?<br><br>Greetings Angel_TCC<br><br>