Thanks for the response! So at the moment, I believe that hop 2 is the cable modem termination system for my area. I have PingPlotter tracing to my router, to my modem, and to the IP for the CMTS and when there's a disconnect issue, it's only been showing from the CMTS and onward (assuming that that 10.X.X.X IP in the traceroute is the CMTS) with just a slight effect on my modem: if the disconnect is 15 seconds long, the CMTS IP shows the full 15 seconds of loss, whereas my modem only shows about 3 seconds of packet loss at the tail end.

I suppose there's a slight possibility the issue is in the coaxial cable somewhere between my modem and the CMTS as well but I think that's still an ISP issue.

I intended to contact my ISP today about the issues but their website has a big alert that they're doing overnight repairs in my area and to expect outages so on the off-chance that whatever they're doing tonight is gonna fix my issue as well, I'm gonna give them til tomorrow.

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