So for the past week or so, I've been dealing with intermittent disconnects that only last long enough to kick me out of online games or stop a video from playing for a bit. The disconnects don't usually last long enough to drop me out of Discord calls even, and I can continue to hear other people talk the whole time but no one can hear me.

Across 12 hours of PingPlotter data, all of the periods of disconnects that have those exact symptoms show up as having between 50% and 100% packet loss starting at hop 1 which I assume is my router. But regardless of hop 1, it's 100% packet loss from hop 2 on. But I also bought a new computer about a month ago now, and I did not have these disconnects on my old computer but I also do not believe that they started as soon as I set up my new computer, to my best estimate it's only been about two weeks.

The disconnect intervals seem to be at random, and they come and go so quickly it's hard to tell if it's just affecting my desktop or if it's affecting other things. I intend to hardwire in my laptop tonight and leave an online game up and see if it disconnects at the same time my desktop does. This album shows some screencaps of the PingPlotter data where on the longer disconnects you can see the packet loss starting at hop 1 and continuing down the line. The thinner red lines are packet loss later in the chain and don't cause any issues at all so I assume it's just within normal PL variables.

I'm hoping it's just some easy fix like a bad ethernet cable somewhere (if it's hardware at all), I really don't want to replace any hardware or worst-case scenario the ethernet port on my new motherboard is bad.

Motherboard: Asus Prime X-570-P
Router: TP Link Archer 2300
Modem: Netgear C1000v2

Edit: Update -- I left it running for about 8 more hours while I was at work. I had 3 more of the disconnects pop up on PingPlotter. One of them dropped everything from step 1, the other two dropped everything from step 2.

Update 2: I put PingPlotter on my laptop and it is connected to my router wirelessly, while my desktop is connected to my router with an ethernet cable. Both PingPlotters show identical results when I experience one of the short disconnect events. My next step is to take my router out of the equation entirely and directly connect my desktop to my modem. Since every disconnect event is 100% loss from hop 2 on, and hop 2 is a private network IP address and isn't my router, I assume that's my modem so it might be causing the issues.

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