Hey Austinite,

Thanks for the replies!

In regards to your first question about interpreting the source of jitter in your trace I suggest adding the jitter column to the trace graph in the upper half of the PingPlotter window. you can do this by right clicking anywhere in the ribbon for "hop, count, IP, Name, Avg, etc." and selecting to show jitter. Once you do this you can see that the jitter appears to start at the 3rd hop as hops 1 and 2 report 0.0 and 1.9 jitter while the third shows 38.4 (See attached screenshot).

CloudConnect agents can be installed by creating an agent via the CloudConnect Portal and either downloading the Mac agent or using the configuration link if PingPlotter is already installed on the Mac you want to deploy to.

Note that active maintenance on a PingPlotter Pro license entitles you to 1 free CloudConnect trace. Additional Cloud/CloudConnect traces can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis.

You can find in-depth instructions on setting up CloudConnect below:

CloudConnect Getting Started Guide

If you have any questions about this let me know!