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From what I know about the latest versions of PingPlotter, the custom name doesn't carry into a column within File -> Manage Sessions. However, selecting the closed trace and hitting Open will reopen the trace for viewing in PingPlotter and will retain the name.

Something to note - when renaming a target, this will prevent dynamic DNS from functioning (the IP is locked to the new name). If you'd like to add a name or notation to a trace, you can use the Notes column.

To use Notes, right-click any column header to display a list of columns you can toggle. Enable "Notes" -> right-click a target row -> hover over the host name -> and select "Edit Notes".

If I'm off-base here and you're not quite seeing the same thing as I am, feel free to write in to our Support line at support@pingman.com; additional info like screenshots are always helpful too!

Please let us know if this leaves you with any other questions or concerns.

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