I support a lot of clients, many of whom have machines I know only by IP address. It would be nice to have an automatically sorted, windows explorer style, expandable/collapsable address to trace list. Integrated category labels would be good too.<br>ie:<br><br>- Domestic<br> - Clients<br> + BohunkEngineering.com<br> - Joneswoollenmills.com<br><br><br><br><br><br> - ISPs<br> connectnet.com<br> ctn.com<br> pacbell.net<br> - Vendors<br> ABCofficesupplies.com<br> Graybar.com<br> + McMasterCarr.com<br> - smithbarney<br><br><br> - WWW sites<br> tucows.com<br> zygoat_billy.com<br>+ International<br><br>et al<br>(sorry your software takes out my idents but you get the idea)<br><br>