Ok... Please let me know if this does not make sense ;-)<br><br>I am on a leased line, should be up and running 24h 7 days a week. We've been having problems with our connection to the US (We're in Norway), and our ISP seems to refuse to admit that this is a problem. And all in all, we would like to have a bunch of ping plotter files to show where the problem lies, in case we need it sometime in the future.<br><br>So, currently, PP is set up to save to a file every 30 minutes, the file is set as \$host\$host - $date so that there will only be one file per day. But if I leave PP to just do traces, day 7 will include all samples for the last week. I want one file per day, where the traces and samples are cleared at 12am and starts over again. Then every file would show only that day, no more no less.<br><br>How I've set it up today, the file on day 7 would be pretty large, and my computer would be horribly slow. <br><br>Is there a way in the current PP 2.20, to create such documentation? I was playing with the thought of using a macro program to stop and start PP at 12am but I believe the "Do you want to save?"-box will interfere with this. Also, having samples in memory for the last week isn't a good option, I notice heavy slowdown on my workstation in only a couple of days.. (128Mb ram). I've also checked the command line options for pp, but since the pp2-file will have new name every time it's supposed to start, I'm really out of ideas. :(<br><br>Does this make sense? Have I managed to make a picture of what I'm looking for?<br><br>Btw, when I shutdown my windows 2000 computer, pp comes with the save-dialogue... if I do not press cancel and quit normally, any settings I've done while the program were running (not the samples though), like auto-alert settings, are lost. <br><br>Thanks,<br><br>-Ulva<br><br>