We use PPP to troubleshoot remote agent VPN issues.

Accordingly, we run traces from our site to their devices, but also from their location to endpoints at our site, and external to our site, via remote agent.

The problem arises when packet drops or momentary connection loss (so far always on their end) occurs.

When that happens, we get grey bars on our end - indicating loss of connectivity to the remote agent, and no useful information on the traces from our end - since all of the details disappear in the tunnel).

If the remote agent buffered even 1 to 5 minutes of trace results with timestamps, and resent that data on reconnect, it would be a huge help.

As it is, in addition to having the remote user install the remote agent, we often have to have them install the free version of pingplotter and send us snips of what is happening on their end when these events occur.