Ahhh. Your pictures and sample data helped a great deal.<br><br>In the data you sent me, you had 4 route changes. The hops at the end of the route are the hops that changed.<br><br>When calculating lost packets and packet loss, Ping Plotter uses the last X number of samples sent out total - not to a specific hop. <br><br>Example:<br><br>You have 10 hours of data collected. Your samples to include is set to "all".<br><br>For the first 5 hours of collecting data, your route was stable. After 5 hours, however, the route changed - and hop 10 is now being serviced by a different router.<br><br>Obviously, Ping Plotter can't report packet loss for a router that wasn't even responding during the time period, so it just shows packet loss for the current router.<br><br>In addition, the current router has only been collecting data for the last 5 hours (for the first 5 hours, it was a different router), so it can only use the number of samples sent to this router during that period to calculate packet loss.<br><br>If this route change is relatively normal, you can put both routers in your route change exlusion list and Ping Plotter will treat it as a single router for future sessions.<br><br>