Hi.<br><br>Do you have any examples of this?<br><br>Without knowing the specifics, my theory on this is that not all samples have been received, so the divisor deosn't equal "samples to include".<br><br>Example: You have trace interval set to 1 second and traces to include = 20. Your timeout time is 9999 ms.<br><br>Let's say hop 4 is getting 50% packet loss (to be easy, let's say that every other packet is being dropped). With a 10 second timeout and a 1 second trace interval, that means that at any time, you have 5 packets still outstanding (roughly) that will eventually time out. Until Ping Plotter knows that it's a timeout, it can't factor this into packet loss, so it just doesn't include these numbers in the total.<br><br>So, let's say you've sent out 20 packets. In the first 10 samples, you got 50% packet loss, but in the next 10 samples, there are still 5 packets that haven't responded yet (and there are 5 that have). This means Ping Plotter is only going to use 15 samples for the divisor. It's received 10 good samples back and 5 bad samples, so packet loss will only show 33% (even though you're very clearly getting 50% packet loss).<br><br>To help counter this problem, in one of the 2.03 versions, Ping Plotter started "predicting" timeouts. If sample 15 hasn't responded by the time sample 16 does, then it assumes that sample 15 will timeout. If sample 15 ever does come back, then it will back-fill and recalculate the correct packet loss, but it helps the problem from above not show up. At any time, though, you may have 19 samples returned - which is statistically different than having 20 samples - and that will show up in the PL% quite often.<br><br>When the above problem is *VERY* visible, though, is when you're getting a lot of timeouts in a row (without getting good responses). This will stop the percentages from moving until it gets some kind of response. There's really no solution for this - as you don't want to assume it's going to time out too soon. As a user, you can handle this by reducing your timeout time (in advanced options) to something significantly smaller.<br><br>Hope this helps rather than confuses!<br><br>