Extension Goal:

If you have a normally stable route and you'd like to know when the route changes, this extension will add an alert condition type that watches for route changes.

With today's relatively volatile routing system (internet routes change a lot), it may not be a great idea to use this on most routes. It's an interesting concept, though, that you may find useful.

The alert stays in "firing" mode as long as a route change has happened in the "Samples to examine" period. You can use this to your benefit to reduce the number of times you get notified about a route change.

Required PingPlotter Pro version

This extension requires PingPlotter Pro 3.10.0p or higher.

Installation Instructions
  • Download the attachment from this post (link near the title). The file will be named "Alert Condition - Route Change.ppx".
  • Save it in your "c:\Program Files\Pingplotter Pro\scripts" directory (or the appropriate path if you've not installed to that location).
  • Close and restart PingPlotter Pro.
  • Go to the alerts setup (Edit -> Alert Setup...)
  • Create a new alert, or select one of your existing alerts you want to test this on.
  • In the "Method" dropdown, select "When route changes"
  • Continue to configure the alert, per your needs.
  • Make sure this alert is tied to a target in your route. The best bet is to tie it to the final destination you want to be alert on. You can also tie it to intermediate route, but if the route changes where the intermediate hop is no longer participating in the route, you won't be alerted until it starts participating again.
Wrap up

If you find any issues are problems, please post a message here or send an email to support@pingplotter.com.

Alert Condition - Route Change.ppx (1333 downloads)

Edited by Pete Ness (08/17/12 12:32 AM)
Edit Reason: Fixed so route change alert doesn't happen on first sample.