Heya,<br><br>I've used Pingplotter 2.20 Beta 3 for a short period now. First of all, I put pingplotter in my system tray, and when I "restores" Pingplotter from the system tray, the pingplotter window is the size it is the first time I started it. In other words, very small on 1280x1024 :-) It remember last window state when I close the window now (as opposed to the Final one), which is very nice, but it's somewhat pain that I have to maximize the window *every* time I take a look at pp.<br><br>I use pingplotter towards www.zone.com from www.powertech.no (basically). The isp route is Powertech -> carrier1.net -> Sprintlink.net -> microsoft (msft.net). The route seems to change *every* trace really, which might be true. I know Powertech got different connects to get the best speed out there, and it seems that Sprintlink got that too. I've even seen the node called microsoft-4-4-0.sprintlink.net end up in the middle of the route, instead of connect to the Microsoft network. I just saw this and stopped the trace, cleared the history and started the trace from the start again, and now everthing looks correct, even timeline graph (look further down). I prefer watching every connect point from one isp to another (with the timeline graph), but since it changes all the time, I ended up having to check "Show this timeline graph" every time something changed. What's happened now is that for some reason *all* sprintlink-hosts are marked for timeline graph. I remove it, and it takes a few route changes, and it's back again. And again and again. It seems I'm not able to remove it. I can give screenshot of this if needed. It seems to me that pp messes up something here.<br><br>Because of this problem, I've found another need too. I need to set a lock on how much part of screen the timeline graphs should be, taking screenshots where the timeline graph is covernig the route itself is not very useful. I need to be able to tell Pp, do NOT show timeline graphs above this point, rather make the graphs smaller so that they fit. Did this make sense? :-)<br><br>When a particular node is not a part of the route for a while, then comes back in again, the timeline graph is filled with gray color, or at least the same color as the rest of Windows. How about making this dark gray regardless of windows color? First time I saw it I thought it was a graphical bug. Now it looks like it's a part of the rest of the program, and makes it look "unfinished". At least make it look like a part of the timeline graph itself, and not the background in the program that fills parts of the graph :)<br><br>Lastly, I'd like to have an option that turns off the New Route-logging completely. With routes that moves constantly, it logs changes about 6 times a minute(I trace every 10 second wink and is useless to me really, and becomes an annoyance instead of a tool. I need to know if they switch isp really, not node, which I can see now since it updates automatically. So I don't want the feature removed, just not getting the "New route changes logged" every time.<br><br>Hope this made some sense, if not I'll be happy to TRY to explain :)<br><br>-Marthe<br><br>