Hi Pete,

Interesting... I'm sure it's not coincidence. About the time the max samples hit, the auto-save data files took a size jump (64k to 170k) and the hop data is now included. The display was clearly tracing all hops while the data was not including it. I haven't stopped the service and will continue until power failure - the usual stopping time of this. It's running on my utility box.

On a secondary note, I did wrestle with settings. When running as a service it doesn't seem to hold some basic settings - like screen position and size. The host list also resembles an old install - which made me search all over my harddisk and registry for where it may be getting data. I suspect an old install may be interfering somehow but could NOT find from where. Perhaps I need a good clearing of old installs to get it working?

Registry keeps service (non-user) data in HK-USERS, right? I thought I'd find settings there but only minor entries. Could there be a gap? Or mishandled INI?