What am I missing in 2.70p beta 3? I probably have not absorbed all the newer concepts. All the following is running as a SERVICE.

Auto-Save data on 2.70p seems to only be the destination data - no hops at all(?). Data size is a lot less, making me think it's not saved.

A little history...

I was previosly Auto-Saving from 2.60p beta as well as several older versions. My trace interval is 15 seconds so I set the Max samples to 11760 to get over 2 days worth. I auto-save everty 1/2 hour and got in the silly habit of stop/start on an hour or 1/2 hour so the saved files are nicely timed (BTW it drifts earlier about a minute a week). Then, I save off the midnight samples creating an arcive of daily files. Been doing ity this way for years, in fact. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />