[ edit: originally said "Stop"/"Reset and Restart" didn't do anything ]

I ran two different instances of 2.59.1 beta 1, one after the other, and both stopped tracing after about 3 hours. It didn't say "Querying" at the bottom left, it simply acted like I had clicked "stop" but I hadn't. Clicking "Stop" causes it to change to "Resume" and clicking resume causes the graphs at the bottom to advance (depending on how long it's been since it stopped) but it doesn't actually resume tracing. "Reset and Restart" clears the trace and it gets to "Displayed samples 1 to 2" and "Trace count 2" but there isn't actually any graphs displayed anymore. Picking a different host to trace doesn't work either.

Also, I noticed this a few versions ago and it continues to happen with this beta. On my (admittedly old K6 400Mhz, Windows XP) system it takes about 13 seconds for PP to exit after closing the window. The process uses "100%" of the processor during this time until it finally exits. It does this if I have started a trace or if I just opened it and closed it immediately. Earlier versions did not exhibit this behavior.

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