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About Pingman Tools

Pingman Tools launches from Nessoft, LLC combining PingPlotter, MultiPing, and a treasure trove of wisdom to make network troubleshooting suck less.

Nessoft, LLX transitioned to Pingman Tools

Hearing about customers solving problems with the superpowers gained from our tools gives us a special feeling. Its a feeling we are constantly trying to recreate. Pingman Tools provides the critical structure we need to pursue our passion, continue to enhance our products and ultimately find success in our mission to make network troubleshooting easier for everyone.

Our operation began in 1998 when Pete Ness, the founder of Pingman Tools, was experiencing unacceptable lag in his Quake game. He knew the issue was linked to his internet service provider, but the provider insisted this was just not the case. At that point, Pete had no choice but to create PingPlotter. The evidence provided by the new PingPlotter software lead the ISP to fix their network issue. From there, it only made sense that Pete should found Nessoft, LLC and began distributing his product around the world.

As Nessoft developed, the product line expanded and tens of thousands of customers solved their networking problems with our products. By 2013, it was apparent that Nessoft's network monitoring and troubleshooting tools were not only in a class of their own, but they were perfectly positioned to bring even more goodness to the world. Pingman Tools is the next logical step in this extraordinary evolution.

Today, our products are used by the majority of telecom companies, recommended by popular massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs), and Pingman Tools is in an ideal position to adapt for the the future. As our business grows, we will continue to share our network troubleshooting knowledge and help users to monitor networks, identify the source of problems, and navigate to solutions - all while keeping it as fun as possible.