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How do I export data from PingPlotter into Excel, and then see the average times and packet loss?


PingPlotter allows you to export data to a text file (File -> Export to text file), which you can then import into a package like Excel. If you save the export with a .CSV extension, then you'll be able to just open the file in Excel.

Here are the settings you might use during the export (note that you can focus in a certain time period by using the PingPlotter interface to find a period in question, set your "Samples to include", and then when you go to export, these settings will be pulled in to the export dialog).

This will get you a file that you can then import into Excel and do some statistical analysis and graphing. Only the raw data is included (no min/max/avg/PL%), so you'll need to add columns to calculate those values. Here is an example spreadsheet and dataset that does this:

PingPlotter Excel Import (~700K)

Note that this isn't a template, it's an example. You'll have to do some work to make it all solve the issues you're after.

If you come up with a nice graph you think others would find useful, or some techniques for making this easier/better, please send it to us at and we'll add it to our knowledge base.

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