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Pingman Tools Awarded Boise Metro Chamber Small Business of the Year

BOISE, ID - May 22, 2018 - Software solutions company Pingman Tools LLC has been named Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce's Small Business of the Year in the Medium-Sized category at the 2018 Small Business of the Year and Chamber Excellence Awards.

Established in 2013, Pingman Tools has developed easy-to-use solutions to complex issues facing several different industries, including computer networking and automated car wash operation.

The Chamber Excellence Awards honor the long-standing tradition of exceptional service and community enrichment shown by members of the Boise Metro Chamber. Each year, the Chamber acknowledges a small business for their all-around excellence while fostering a healthy business climate in the Boise area.

"Everyone at Pingman Tools has come together to build something special," said Pingman Tools Marketing Director Taylor Edginton. "We're honored to have our efforts recognized by the Boise business community."

Pingman Tools was selected by a panel of Boise Metro Chamber judges, several of whom are fellow Small Business of the Year Award recipients. Businesses were judged on several criteria, including product innovation, staying power, and community enrichment. Pingman Tools' five years of developing new and creative software was of particular merit, as was Pingman Tools' commitment to building a stronger and more inviting city of Boise. Pingman Tools has participated in mock interviews with Boise Codeworks students and hosted office tours for Idaho PTECH, an organization aiding high school students exploring careers in technology.

Pingman Tools invites everyone to tour their downtown Boise office and meet CEO Pete Ness and the team. To schedule a tour, contact Taylor Edginton at, or call (208) 345-0030 x108.

Pingman Tools LLC is a Boise-based software company dedicated to creating innovative solutions to difficult problems. Pingman Tools is the developer of PingPlotter, a network traceroute software used by some of the largest organizations in the world, from major telecom companies to the United States military, to troubleshoot and monitor their computer networks. Pingman Tools is also the creator of NoPileups, a revolutionary car wash enhancement service that utilizes machine learning and computer vision technology to protect both car wash owners and customers from accidents inside automated wash tunnels. For more information, visit, or call (208)-345-0030.


 Taylor Edginton | Pingman Tools Marketing
 (208) 345-0030 x108