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Problems running PingPlotter Pro as a service using Windows Terminal Services


I'm using PingPlotter Pro as a service under Windows 2003. When I log out and log back in, I have to reload everything. Also, my settings aren't saved correctly after a reboot. How can I fix this?


Note: This information applies to PingPlotter V4

First, make sure you've installed the service as outlined in our manual in the Running PingPlotter Pro as a service section.

Most people that have had these problems are running PingPlotter Pro on a W2K3 server using Windows Terminal Services (WTS) to access it. When you start the service, a default login with WTS won't show the running instance of PingPlotter (the service instance), so you'll start another instance (non-service).

To get everything working, you need to be interacting with the service instance. You'll know you're working with the service because the File -> Exit menu option is disabled. If this option is enabled and available for use, then you're dealing with PingPlotter Pro as an application not a service.

If you're using WTS to access PingPlotter Pro, then you need to take a special step to get things working.

The challenge with WTS is that the UI for the service instances doesn't appear unless you're logged in as the console. The great thing about Windows 2003 is that it's easy to log in as the console, which should clear things up for you quite a bit.

These instructions assume you're using Windows XP for a remote client to hook up to your Windows 2003 server. From your start/run menu, enter:

mstsc /console
(Note: if you're using Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 2008 as a client, then use the /admin switch instead, i.e.: mstsc /admin)

This starts the terminal services client in console mode. Log in to your server using the same credentials you were using before.

This gets you to the console user interface of your server. If PingPlotter Pro is running as a service, it will already be showing in your tool tray at this point - double-click on the tool tray icon to interact with the service instance. This is different than when you log in to WTS as a normal user. The service instance of PingPlotter Pro can only interface with the console of your server. Imagine, if you will, that 10 people are logged on to your WTS server - how would the PingPlotter Service be able to interact with all of them? This is why logging in from the console is required (which Windows limits the count of to just one).

Once you configure those settings correctly - in the service instance, then rebooting should remember the values.

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