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PingPlotter Pro licensing for current users.


I bought a license for PingPlotter 2.51 (or some other 2.x version) last year. Do I get a free upgrade to PingPlotter Pro?



PingPlotter Standard licenses do not work with PingPlotter Pro. We do have a special offer for you, but it's not free.


PingPlotter Pro is a new variation of PingPlotter that offers a significant amount of value to the network professional who may need to monitor multiple networks or targets, do 24/7 monitoring, access network troubleshooting information remotely, or other professional-class features (see for a more complete list of features). We are protecting the investment of people who purchased our existing PingPlotter shareware 2.x (now called PingPlotter Standard) and MultiPing products by offering upgrade pricing. See for more details.

PingPlotter Standard and MultiPing continue to be very important products for us, and people who don't need the features of Pro will continue to get enhancements and improvements to both of these products. PingPlotter Standard is an excellent troubleshooting tool and is still the tool we recommend for the vast majority of users.

If you're a PingPlotter Standard or MultiPing user and you want to evaluate PingPlotter Pro, you can safely install these products side-by-side without affecting your existing installation or licensing. PingPlotter Pro is installed into its own directory and uses separate licenses. This means you're welcome to evaluate the features of PingPlotter Pro without overwriting your current PingPlotter 2.x install.

If you are an existing PingPlotter Standard or MultiPing licensee, you are certainly eligible for upgrades of those products. See here for more details.

Please check the download page to make sure you're running the latest versions.

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