make work suck less

Create awesome software with awesome people, and have an awesome time doing it

Pingman Tools is the developer a behind a number of successful solutions to tough problems, like PingPlotter and NoPileups, but we're just getting started. That means building up a team to create the next awesome thing that makes the world a bit better.

If you're looking to join a group of passionate problem solvers, make something you can be proud of, and have some fun while you're at it, Pingman Tools is the place for you.

We fight for the users

Pingman Tools was founded on making easy-to-use solutions for real people. Whether it's helping a part-time streamer find the best upload server or keeping an IT admin keyed into the status of their company's network, Pingman Tools is creating software that makes their life easier.

Pingman Tools is dedicated to serving one person: the end user. There's no holding company putting their thumb on the scale or shadowy figure pulling the strings. We're as indie as indie gets, and that makes a huge difference.

Be a part of someping great

There aren't currently any positions open on the Pingman team at the moment, but that doesn't mean you're out of luck. If you believe you'd be a great addition, send us a resume and cover letter showing what you've got.

No guarantees, but we already like your enthusiasm.

Enjoy the work and even have a little fun

We've got staying power

Pingman Tools isn't some fly-by-night operation. PingPlotter has been the go-to network traceroute software for over 20 years, and its user base is still growing daily. We successfully developed and brought to market a computer vision-based car wash safety service named NoPileups, which was recently sold to a major industry player. In short: you won't find vaporware here.

We've got the goods

Between the foosball, pool table, stacked fridge, beer on tap, arcade cabinet, communal office fun-budget, parties, and the occasional Nerf shootout, there's always fun to be had. We've got a laid-back, collaboration-friendly office next door to some of the best food, coffee, and ice cream (no joke!) in Boise.

That's all in addition to the stuff that really matters, like unlimited vacation, retirement, insurance, free downtown parking, and more.

We've got street cred

Pingman Tools was awarded Boise Metro Chamber's 2018 Small Business of the Year. Accolades aren't everything, but it's nice to know that when you bring a great team together to make great things, people notice (and the trophy's pretty neat).