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#954 - 09/17/03 11:10 AM Adding an alert for average BELOW x?

I'm using PingPlotter 2 to plot the (horrid) performance of my ISP. Sometimes, the average ping I get is HORRIBLE for a couple hours at a time, and at those times I've wished there was an alert in PingPlotter that I could set to sound when the average ping fell BELOW a certain value instead of just ABOVE, that way I could have it running in the background, and it'd let me know when my internet-connection was usable again.

Since you've already got the code for checking averages ABOVE a certain value, this should be a quick fix, and should fall within the boundaries of what PingPlotter is normally used for. <img src="/forums/images/icons/smile.gif" alt="" />

#955 - 09/17/03 11:20 AM Re: Adding an alert for average BELOW x?
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Ping Plotter version 2.40 (and it's included in 2.41 of course) added this capability.

To configure this, set up an alert event to fire either when "each time alert conditions are *not* met", or "when alert conditions end". You probably want to use "when alert conditions end", as then you'll get a single event rather than at every sample.

One caveate here is that the Tray Icon and Log to file events don't support this, but the "Play a sound", "Launch an executable", and "Send an email" ones do - so you should be able to find some way to notify yourself of this condition.

Let us know how this works out for you!

- Pete



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