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#458 - 03/10/01 01:08 PM Bug: autosave time
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Autosave time of less than one hour causes files to be overwritten. Also the .INI file seems to store this value in milliseconds!!!<br>Ed<br>P.S. Could we have a filename "variable" for packet size?<br>I have to do really contorted things with extra copies of the executable to save results for two instances to the same station (one instance pinging small packets and one pinging long packets).<br>

#459 - 03/10/01 01:39 PM Re: Bug: autosave time [Re: edcrowe]
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What you see is by design.<br><br>The INI file does store the auto-save interval in milliseconds. Unless I'm missing something, then this is an internal "implementation detail" and shouldn't really be affecting anyone in a negative way.<br><br>The Auto-Save system allows you to modify the filename to overwrite at the interval of your choosing. If you're getting files that are unique every hour, then it's likely that you're using a filename like this:<br><br>c:\$host\$host $date.$hour<br><br>This filename creates unique files every hour. If you add an additional minute piece into your filename, then you'll get uniqueness every *minute* instead, and you won't get overwriting files unless you're saving more than once a minute.<br><br>c:\$host\$host $date.$hour.$minute<br><br>Unfortunately, packet size isn't something that Ping Plotter uses as a "key indicator" in the current version. It doesn't save the packet size in the history files, and as such, incorrect results could be logged into a packet size. Your suggestion of adding a variable for packet size shouldn't cause too much liability for this, however, so I'll add that to the request list.<br><br>A work-around for this for now would be to install Ping Plotter into two separate directories with separate INI files. Another possibility is to create a separate "link" for startup that points to a different INI file (ie: start the program like this: pingplotter.exe /inifile:15bytepackets.ini). This will allow you to have a different save file name set up (and allow you to have different packet sizes specified in that ini file automatically).<br><br>Maybe that suggestion will solve your problem for the time being.<br><br><br>



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