(This was tested with 2.20 and 2.21 beta 2 but not beta 3 yet)<br><br>If you try to exit from PP you will sometimes get prompted with "You have quite a bit of data, do you want to save it?" If you click [yes] then the standard save-as dialog box comes up with the file name defaulting to the name of the last hop. Once you have saved the PP2 file then PingPlotter exits.<br><br>However, if the last hop does not have a name (IP address only) then you don't get the save-as box. Instead "nothing happens" when you select [yes] from the "Do you want to save?" prompt. PingPlotter does not exit. You can select "File / Save Sample Set" and it will default to the IP address dot pp2. At that point you can exit PP without getting prompted about "You have lots of data..."<br><br>