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#2528 - 06/25/14 11:46 AM Start tracing multiple targets at once
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i'm currently working in an tyni company wich needs to to trace multiple targets at the same time.
The company has a Ping plotter Pro licence and my Task is too optimize the software setting (it has been installed with default settings and nobody had enought time to edit settings) but today, my boss asked me for a feature Ping Plotter hasn't got.

As their are many targets and all of them are stored in the history, it's realy a long and boring task to start them all by creating new tabs and adding targets to them.
Of course, we activated the Windows Services and its Auto-Save Workspace feature but what my boss want is that if the software crash (it happened last day but we couldn't understand why or reporoduce the requirements to crash the software), he can start tracing many targets (not necessary all) without having to open a new tab for each target and add each target to a tab (it's sooo long). So his idea is thatthere should be a feature to select multiple targets from the history list and then just press a key to start tarcing the selected targets in multiple nw tabs.

To be true, he's sure that this feature is allready in the software because "A useful software like this can't miss such an useful feature" and don't believe me when i try to explain him that this is realy missing.

I tried to explain him that he can simply save a workspace with all targets openned and use this one for the Auto-Save then open it if he want to start all the targets after a sowftare close or crash as i know he won't ever start multiples targets without starting them all.

So, i have 2 questions for you.
Firstly, i agree with him that it would be great for Ping Plotter to have such a feature.
Last, nomatter if you accept to add this new feature (as plugin or update), ca you please write down here the truth (the fact that this feature isn't in the software) so i can print it and get some peace. I hope he will believe the software's develloper.

Thanks !

#2529 - 06/25/14 03:12 PM Re: Start tracing multiple targets at once [Re: Jujuv]
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Hey Jujuv,

Thanks for the feedback here!

You are correct - currently, there is no option to select multiple targets from the history list and add them in multiple new tabs all at once. This is something that I'd be happy to get an enhancement request logged for, though.

Utilizing a workspace (as you mentioned), or even multiple workspaces (if you have different lists of targets) is the best method to accomplish what you're needing here.

If you should ever find yourself needing to load up targets from the history list - there is a keyboard shortcut that does make this process a *bit* quicker. If you press "Ctrl+N" on your keyboard, PingPlotter Pro will open a new tab. From there, you can double click on a target to begin tracing, hit "Ctrl+N" to open another tab, and repeat the process as necessary.

As far as crash you mentioned - if you'd like, please feel free to submit a support ticket directly from PingPlotter ("Help" -> "Email PingPlotter Support"), and we'd be happy to take a look at your error log to see if we can offer any guidance on what happened there!

Best wishes,




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