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#1342 - 02/17/05 10:01 AM 2.60 restore from tray problem
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I'm sure this has already been noticed but might as well be mentioned. In 2.60, when "Put icon in tool tray" is enabled and PP is restored from the tool tray, the window is maximized but is too low. The top border of the window is visible and the bottom of the window is cut off at the task bar. This is new to 2.60, did not occur in the betas prior.

#1343 - 02/17/05 11:11 AM Re: 2.60 restore from tray problem [Re: jbrunette]
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You're the first report of this problem - and I'm unable to reproduce it on any of our test systems.

Can you describe the problem a bit more?
* What screen resolution do you run?
* Do you run a multiple monitor setup? If so, how do you have the "arranged", and one resolution are the different displays?
* What OS do you run?
* How much does PingPlotter "move" from where it should appear?
* If you unmaximize PingPlotter and "position" it in the same spot it normally maximizes to, does the behavior stay the same?
* If you turn *off* the tray icon, does minimizing / restoring it behave the same way?


- Pete

#1344 - 02/17/05 04:56 PM Re: 2.60 restore from tray problem [Re: Pete Ness]
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Resolution is 1152x864.

Only one display adapter.

Running Windows XP Professional SP1.

The window is positioned to show the entire top border of the window. The window height is not adjusted for this and the bottom of the PP window's "client" area is obscured by the taskbar (equal to the width of the window border).

Yes, manually positioning an "unmaximized" PP window into a maximized position, sending to task tray and restoring causes the window to remain "unmaximized" but moved slightly lower to fit the top border on the screen. Giving the top of the window any position < 0 on the screen causes it to return to 0 when restored from tray.

The problem also occurs when the tray icon is turned off.

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