Thanks for the encouragement! Although we have started spending a tiny bit of money on ads lately (just in Google, really), the success of Ping Plotter can be almost entirely tied to word-of-mouth referrals, and we *really* appreciate it.

I'd love to hear suggestions on how to make the *text* export a bit better. Looks like the "Sent" and "Err" column headers could probably move over a space or two (note that these column headers are centered on the 999999 number, so if you have a lot of data, they look pretty good). What else would you like to see moved around a bit? I'm wrapping up the beta version this weekend, so any tweaks that will make it into the 2.40 release have only another few hours (and they'd have to be as easy as moving column headers around) to get in there.

<pre><font class="small">code:</font><hr>
Target Name:
Date/Time: 3/8/2003 12:57:44 PM to 3/8/2003 12:57:57 PM
Hop Sent Err PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP]
2 13 0 0.0 46 143 56 []
3 13 0 0.0 46 56 48 []
4 13 0 0.0 46 60 48 []
( ... snipped ... )
15 13 0 0.0 125 168 131 []
16 13 0 0.0 124 134 127 []
17 13 0 0.0 130 138 132 []
18 13 0 0.0 135 178 140 []

Of course, this doesn't work at all with proportional fonts. Your suggestions of copying as a table and allowing options are both good onces - but won't make it in to the 2.40 release. I've got it logged in the enhancement request system, though. A difficulty with the table format is exactly what to put in the clipboard so that it can be pasted. If you're pasting into Word, it's going to be one thing - into a HTML web page (ie: message board system), it's going to be something else - into a plaintext file, something else. This adds some complexity to this problem, although suggestions on how to handle it are welcome.

As for the ability to copy just the most recent sample set into the clipboard, just change your "Samples to Include" to 1 - and only one sample will make it in to that text. I think that the "copy as summary text" option will probably reduce the need for doing a single data point copy, but it's pretty easy to change your samples to include for the copy, then change it back. The good thing about this is that you can change the focus(/size) in your time-graph to hit just the datapoint(s) you want, and then do the "Copy as text" to grab the output for that.

- Pete