No problem. I sometimes reply and forget to login first and end up doing the same thing.

OK, now this may be harder for you to reproduce. I tested it more to make this easier to reproduce. I think there are some special circumstances here.

I sent the files you asked for along with and explanation. It seems to have something to do with the Router/FW I am using. (A Cisco PIX) When going to regular Internet sites it works as you say it should. When going through the PIX and a VPN tunnel back to my office it does a couple of peculiar things.

One is that the first hop normally is not displayed since the PIX probably is not returning the ICMP TTL message you are expecting. (I haven't traced it just yet to see, but I think it isn't.) That is normal I should think, but the peculiar part is that PP doesn't like having the first hop behave this way when it has to switch from pinging only the last hop back to anythign else. It seems to get confused.

The second part is very strange. When I switch from Trace All to Ping Final only, the graph window retroactively paints 10 red samples in the bottom graph window. I sent the images in the Email along with the pp2 file and more explanation detail.