Hi, Corey.

On the first issue, just right-click on the "Stop" (or Resume) button and activate the menu option for "Reset and Restart" which clears the history on the current target, and then starts tracing.

I've added an enhancement request for setting the Don't Fragment bit - the basic option is pretty easy - but being clear about the fact that this bit is set - and adding the option to change it - needs a bit of thought (as it's a bit esoteric for most people).

The UDP/ICMP stuff has had some progress - but isn't going to make it into the 2.40 release. We did a raw socket implementation using ICMP (as opposed to ICMP.DLL) and found that getting really accurate times with sockets and Windows is a bit of a challenge. We need to work through those issues before the UDP stuff will become available.

Thanks for the feedback!