I am reposting my thoughts from the support forum...<br><br>I suggest you change the default timeline graph to represent MAXIMUM values with an OPTION to change it to an average.<br><br>The "pixel averaging" scheme you use throws out valuable data. It is also proabably harder to code. ;-) When beating up on an ISP or looking for trouble spots, I want to be able to see worst case performance over a given time period. For example when a sinlge ping results in 100% packet loss, I want to see that tall red line, even in a 24 hour view so I can see what happened. As it is now, a long term view, "Avergaes" the sample around a "pixel" and reduces that critical 100% packet loss condition to backgournd noise.<br><br>Of course being able to toggle it on to represent an avergae would be neat!<br><br>Fantastic piece of software. Just registered today...<br><br>cgardner<br><br><br>