I am using PingPlotter version 2.2.1 beta 3 under Windows 98 SE. Occasionally I experience Access violation error messages, especially if there has been a lot of packet loss. Most recently, I had just opened Advanced Options (perhaps a coincidence) and I got four error messages in immediate succession - all caused by a reference to address FFFFFFFF. Some lines in the main table got corrupted.<br><br>This pattern of four errors repeated as soon as the "Querying" message disappeared from the status bar. Also, PingPlotter started querying again after just a couple of seconds, instead of waiting 15 seconds as per the setting.<br><br>When I attempted to save the sample set, I got an error "Invalid pointer operation". On reloading the sample set (Charleston.pp2), it show only the first few hops, and then Destination Address Unreachable. This is different from the actual display, (preserved in the Charlestonbad.png). which shows the same few steps as the reloaded .PP2 file, and then garbage for three entries before resuming normal entries. An exported text file (Charleston.txt) shows some good entries, then garbage, then good entries again. The garbage entries normally are blank - that is, the lines do not show an IP address, name or response times, just a hop number.<br><br>Since I cannot attach these files to this post, I will, if you want, email them to you.<br><br>If I Stopped and Resumed, the errors resumed too. If I Stopped and Restarted everything was back to normal.<br><br>The behavior has just started again. This time however, the error messages are in pairs. The first of the two says "Access violation at address 004BE02B in module 'PINGPLOTTER.EXE'. Read of address FFFFFFFF". The second message is the same but for the address which is 00470AC5.<br><br>The problem may have something to do with the fact that I cannot get more than 30 minutes worth of data on the timeline graphs. i am not sure, but the problems may start when the display reaches 30 minutes and older entries drop off as new ones are added.<br><br>