Hi John,

Thanks for writing into the forum!

Thank you for providing the screenshots of your results, but sadly the 2 screenshots you provided aren't really painting a full picture for me due to not seeing all of the hops (mainly hop #1 and hop #2). From your screenshots we can see that you are experiencing very high latency and a lot of jitter on hop #7 and hop #13 which are the ones that you highlighted. To get a full picture of what might be happening I would need a bit more information.

If you can share your results, that would help out a lot on understanding what is going on. You can do this in PingPlotter by clicking on File -> Share -> Create Share Page. This will open up a browser tab with all of your current view PingPlotter data. If you can copy the URL of that page and send it to us we can help you out a bit more in understanding what might be going on and possible steps to troubleshoot the issue. You can either post the URL here or email us at support@pingman.com

We look forward to hearing back from you on this!