Hello all, new to Pingplotter and this forum - Have spent a lot of time reading through the manual and Knowledge Base, really informative content and feel like I've learned lots already. However.. I'm still having trouble with pinpointing my issue.

Regardless of the destination, we are seeing averages sometimes in excess of 70% packet loss all the way from Hop 1 through to the final hop.

In my testing I have disconnected all clients and network devices from the router, turned off wireless radios, and only connected my laptop (running Pingplotter) directly to the router via gigabit ethernet. I have also tried another laptop of different (and equally high) spec, with a different (new) ethernet cable, yet the same issue and results persist.

At first I thought the router hardware was at fault, as the PL was originating at Hop 1 - However after doing some reading I learned that many routers de-prioritise ICMP traffic, therefore resulting in PL. At this point I increased the Interval from 2.5s to 5s, and even 10s; but the same level of packet loss remained after collecting 30-60mins of data.

It is worth reiterating again that my laptop was the only device on the network at the time - I would have thought that the router would drop less ICMP packets in this case as there is nothing else on the network for it to prioritise? I am now starting to believe the packet loss from Hop 1 could be a false-positive and the root cause may reside further up the route.

Our provider is a 'Business class' ISP. The service is FTTC and we receive good speeds of 60-80Mb down/ 20Mb up.

The reason we are using Pingplotter - We are a bar/ restaurant and use a cloud-based app for taking orders + payments/ printing receipts etc. Every day we get intermittent freezing of the app, which we believe is due to internet connectivity issues. However we don't tend to see any other issues if using other internet based apps such as streaming Youtube/ Spotify, or loading web pages etc. The tablets that we run this app on do not lose WiFi connectivity and when the issue occurs I am still able to successfully load a webpage to prove the internet connectivity has not dropped out.

When we originally raised our concerns with the ISP (before we did any detailed testing using Pingplotter), they actually replaced the router for a new unit, this was around 3 weeks ago. The only thing that hasn't been replaced/ tested so far is the RJ11 cable to the telephone socket - Is it worth doing this anyway or is it likely the issue resides on the WAN/ ISP infrastructure after hop 2?

If I connect another device up to the LAN then I get 0% packet loss when running PP to that host.

A summary of all the targets i have tested:

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Share page for 24hrs - pingplotter.com

Really interested to get to the bottom of this, and hope that we can! I can export/ provide any other data that might be required.

Thanks for reading smile

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