Hi Austinite,

After looking through all of your traces I see that there are several different things going on. On both the and the there is a ton of spikes that appear to be isolated to the final hop and do not go back up the hops. I am not sure what to make of these but since none of the pp2s for the and have overlapping times it's hard to know where the issue might originate other than at the destination, which seems odd.

On the wireless, right before 9 am on 6/12, the latency jumps and the jitter starts. It looks to me like the wireless bandwidth was getting saturated. While the latency mostly stays in the green the saturation is causing high jitter. Also right at noon, it looks like the route completely changed for a few minutes and then went back.

The pattern for utexas.edu seems pretty normal, overall it's mostly in the green but it looks like it's getting a lot of use, and then at around 10 pm it tapers off and looks pretty stable.

I also see on your unifi.localdomain trace that it has some pretty high latency spikes into the 30-40ms range so that may be something to look into as well.

If you can get data from, your router, and utexas.edu all at the same time and compare the graphs by double-clicking from the All Targets Summary you might start to see a bigger picture. If you can get that data and send it our way we'd be happy to take another look.

Let us know when you have some more data to look at!