Hello, this month I have been experiencing what I think to be a packet loss. Last month I moved from one block of flats to another and I even upgraded my internet (the provider is the same). I have never experienced a packet loss at my old flat. The router is the same and I am connected via Ethernet Cable. I tried to use other Ethernet cables for my PC or router but nothing changed. My provider says that they cannot see any packet loss at their end so I thought that the router might be the problem because he is quite old. They switched the router but still, nothing changed at all. I have all my drivers updated to the latest version so that cannot be an issue too. I like to play multiplayer games and I play League of Legends or Counter Strike Global Offensive quite alot. At my old flat in CS:GO I got 5 to 20 ping and in League I got 25 to 50 ping. Here now I got at CS:GO average ping 130 and in League 150. Its not only that because the Ping spikes every second to different number. From 70 to 200 to 150 to 430 and so on. But its not only games, I am studying at Univerzity and when I am in a call at Google Meet or Discord I cannot hear half the thing that were said because audio is so disorted.
My ISP is not cooperating at all with me, its like they doesnt believe me that there is a problem.
I even made some videos:
In this one you can see that I am playing League and in the right corner you can see my ping spiking like crazy while I am in a call with friends and you can hear the disorted audio.

In this one I am watching a stream at discord while being in a call discusing our last game while they are laggy for some reason.
And in a file posted here I have run a PingPlotter to a IP but I dont know exactly what it says, heck I dont even know if I used good IP for this. What concerns me the most is that Max pings are reaching almost 3K for some IPs there.

dns.google.pp2 (76 downloads)