Can we please have a way to pinpoint the ASN of the hops while tracing path? It's a feature used in the linux flavour of traceroute while using -A. I think you guys can do better and at least match this feature.

It would make pingplotter way better, sometimes while tracing I've had had a lot of hops that didn't have any reverse dns, and I always have to do manual whois for those IP addresses to make sure they belong to the network I expect.

Any plans for this feature?

I think network engineers will love this.

Also, make an update-able db file which contains all known ASNs and their names, so the column for the ASN will look like:

1. ASN=RFC1918 or just blank
2. a.b.c.d ASN=1234 [resolved ISP name from DB]
3. e.f.g.h ASN=4321 [resolved ISP name from DB]
4. w.x.y.z ASN=4321 [resolved ISP name from DB]
5. ASN=13335 [Cloudflare, Inc.]

And make an option to select the whois server for looking up ASN, or use a custom server too.

Here is the linux traceroute sample for apples to apples comparison:

root@raspberrypi:/home/pi# traceroute -IA
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( [AS198949] 2.469 ms 2.518 ms 2.430 ms
2 ( [AS51999] 4.245 ms 4.915 ms 5.612 ms
3 ( [AS51999] 7.895 ms 8.023 ms 7.876 ms
4 ( [AS51999] 4.495 ms 4.691 ms 7.314 ms
5 86-120-70-185.rdsnet.ro ( [AS8708] 6.823 ms 6.726 ms 6.941 ms
6 one.one.one.one ( [AS13335] 7.005 ms 8.742 ms 9.044 ms

Also a freeware tool by Nirsoft does this too, I've attached a SS.

Capture.JPG (153 downloads)

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