Hi there Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch with us - and thanks for trying out the new Beta!

Both the PingPlotter Beta and older versions of the program offer the option to install with the Windows Service. This process is performed when installing/modifying Pingplotter:

Running PingPlotter as a Service

In order to set up your current instance of the Beta to run with the Windows Service, you'll need to modify the installation:

1. Open Add or Remove Programs
2. Search for PingPlotter 5 - click to select
3. Click Modify
4. Select Yes -> Next -> Modify
5. Click the dropdown for Collect data in the background and choose Will be installed on the local hard drive
6. Click **Next -> Install -> Finish**

Once that's done, feel free to make any changes to your web server settings in Edit -> Options and fire up your new web interface!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.


**Austin Berner**
**Software Support Technician | Pingman Tools**
**support@pingman.com | (208) 345-0030**