Hi Pete-<br><br>2.21 looks nice. No crashes or any real problems yet although I did read the (few) bug reports here in the forums.<br><br>I have 2 comments:<br><br>1) can we have an option to use the "old style" timeline graph where the histogram was solid? I guess old habits die hard and I got kind of used to the old display. maybe even just a registry hack for this 'feature' would suffice.<br><br>2) another display request: the PacketLoss % graph is a great visual tool, but the "xx% packet loss" text that is printed inside the red bar is illegible. It is fairly unnecessary as soon as the user gets used to what that bar is for.. there should at least be an option to change the font or turn off the textual display inside the bar if desired. again, this could be a registry tweak if you don't feel like mucking with the Options dialogs.<br><br>looking forward to the final build of 221! keep up the good work,<br><br>Luke<br><br>