I cannot seem to get the command line parameters to work in 2.21Beta2.<br><br>The syntax:<br>pingplotter www.pingplotter.com.pp2 /TRACE<br><br>generates an error that I need to specify an ip or host.<br><br>the syntax<br>pingplotter www.pingplotter.com.pp2 /TRACE:www.pingplotter.com<br><br>works when www.pingplotter.com.pp2 does not exist (it gives an error about the file, then starts tracing). But, the next time you run the command from a .bat file, it does not begin tracing automatically.<br><br>Am I doing the sytax wrong or is this a problem in the beta. I have not tried starting the release version via a .bat file.<br><br>I'm running Win2K SP1.<br><br>thanks<br><br><br>--<br>mjb