First off, have a look at the alert setup document at: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. The alert system in Ping Plotter isn't entirely intuitive for the first time alert user - as you have to associate an alert with an IP address manually (since Ping Plotter has no idea which hop you really care about). This document hasn't yet been updated for the 2.21 release, so ignore the discussions of "average response times" as averaging has been removed from 2.21.<br><br>As for the error that pops up when you check the e-mail box, is it possible that you've not yet set up your SMTP server address or your return e-mail address? This is set under "Edit/E-Mail setup".<br><br>After you've checked out this information (or if you already have!), please check back in and let me know if this has helped or not - and what problems you still have.<br><br>Thanks for testing Ping Plotter - the help is much appreciated!<br><br>