Hi Tim.<br><br>I suspect that what's happening here is you're increasing the time that the timeline graph shows. Because there are only so many pixels in the lower graph, as you increase the time shown, more samples have to be averaged to fit into one pixel width. This makes the graph smoother - and the bad pings are averaged out. If you want to see any time period with more resolution, you have to scroll the graph rather than rescale it. Scroll the graph by grabbing it with your mouse and drag it to the right to get to the older time periods.<br><br>A red line in the time-line graph indicates a timeout in this time period. A lost packet always makes a pixel show up as red. If there is more than one sample in the period - and at least one sample succeeded, then the red line will indicate the average of the successful packets in this time period. If there were no successful packets in the period, then the red line will go from top to the bottom of the scale. <br><br>I hope that addresses the issue you're talking about. Feel free to e-mail me some pictures if I missed your point, and I'll re-address.<br><br>