Good morning, good afternoon and possibly good evening all,

I'm fairly new to this software and so far I think it's pretty incredible. I have been having an issue with drops to a specific website at different times and so it was recommended by Comcast that I use Ping Plotter to test my connectivity to the site. So far users have reported a couple of instances where they have had dropped connections at the following times:

8/31 -- 8:50pm
9/1 -- 6:15pm

Now looking over the data I don't really see anything conclusive and if anything I only see packet drops across the board. I reached out to Comcast to see if this might be ISP related but they stated it was all on the website's end.

I've attached my screenshot (ScreenCapture1)
and what Comcast extracted from the data (ScreenCapture2

Comcast stated that I need to dig down into packets to see which ones are actually failing and not just missing responses but I'm not sure what that actually means. So if anyone could help me out or at least maybe clarify what he means it would be much appreciated, thank you.