Would it be possible to add a mechanism that would allow for the customization of an email alert? I have Ping Plotter notifying me through my Nextel phone, and they only allow a fixed number of characters to be sent. Any overage is truncated, and the info I get is about the first 3 lines of the standard alert.<br><br>If a user customizable alert is not possible, then how about 2 choices:<br><br>1) Minimal Alert: for pagers, etc...<br>2) Full Alert: same as now.<br><br>...or something along those lines. This would be my suggestion for a Minimal Alert:<br><br>------------------------------------------------<br>Subject: Ping Plotter Alert!<br><br>iq-nas2-tys-km.iqoptions.net<br>min/avg/max = 104/126/348 ms<br>------------------------------------------------<br><br>That would be all "I" would need to know what is going on, without just getting the header info from the normal email.<br><br>(Maybe also a "net send" administrative alert for NetBT folk?)<br><br>Just a suggestion! Otherwise, I LOVE the product. Awesome!<br><br>-Mike Walker<br>Internetworking Engineer<br>IQ Options, Inc.<br>noc@iqoptions.com<br><br>