Thanks for the feedback.

1) Using a "template" for adding new hosts.

You can customize the current web interface to do this, but it's not built in. In particular, if you always want the same values for all hosts, you can edit the scripts to apply these values. It's not perfect because you have to make changes to source code, though.

2) Standard user vs admin user rights.

The web interface has an option to make the interface read-only, but that can only be done for the interface in its entirety. We don't have any way of having different logins for users than for administrators. There are some ways around this shortcoming, but there are some security challenges with this. Please contact us via email and we can share some ideas.

3) Sorting the hosts.

Again, it's not built in, but it's possible to add it in the script. Contact us and we can help you with this.

- Pete