While watching the route changes on the load-balanced hop I mentioned in my previous post, I noticed that there were a lot of dropped packets as the "route" would change on that hop.<br><br>I've determined that when a new IP address appears on a hop (due to a route change or this load-balancing issue), PingPlotter (speculation) looks for ping data on the new IP address and, when it doesn't see any data for the new IP address, assumes that because the new IP address is on this hop, and the hop was previously sent pings (to the old IP address), the new IP address must not have responded to the pings and marks them as lost, even though the new IP address for the hop wasn't actually pinged until the "route" changed. After the new IP address is pinged, PingPlotter seems to be happy with the new IP address and does not continue to mark pings bad, even when the IP address for the hop changes again. Whether or not a actually lost ping later in the trace is recorded as being lost for all IP addresses that assume the hop is not something I looked into.<br><br>Hope this makes sense :-)<br><br>