Download and Install Cloud Agent

Cloud Agents test your network and deliver the results to a central location.


Download the agent that matches your operating system.

Windows Agent

Version 5.24.3  (21.4 MB)
Released June 15, 2023


macOS Agent

Version 5.24.3  (22.3 MB)
Released June 15, 2023


Linux Agent

Runs on Intel/AMD x64, Arm32, Arm64; APT & RPM distros.



Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions.


That's it! You're finished after the install process completes. There is no need to change settings or even run the program. Congratulations on a successful deployment!

Need Help?

What is Cloud?

Cloud is a remote troubleshooting feature that allows a user to collect traceroute data from a device as if it were originating from their own machine. This allows a user to monitor and troubleshoot network issues without physical access to the device.

How do I install a PingPlotter agent?

Begin by downloading the correct PingPlotter version for your OS above. Next, follow the installation instructions on our Getting Started Guide. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to PingPlotter Support.

I already have PingPlotter installed on this device. What should I do?

If you already have a version of PingPlotter on this device when trying to install an agent, simply install the agent over the top of the existing PingPlotter version. You can still use PingPlotter as normal, but it will now be configured to allow remote collection from an external controller.

What if I need someone else to download the agent?

Anyone can download an agent from this page. Share the link below to get your agent to the right place.